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20 December 2014
4 March 2018

World championship

Yesterday at Instagram I asked you to keep your fingers crossed and later I announced our debut – we received photo suggestions Winter Senior and Youth Championships in Swimming . We came to this with a huge reserve, because we have never seen an episodic contact with sport photography, I have read that it will not be easy. It turned out that the players are visible only for a short while, so you have to pass it. On the spot, it turned out that they swim incredibly fast. They reach dizzying speeds and it is very, very hard to catch sharpness. Or maybe not at all? :)

Today we are all over and it’s a bit difficult to believe what happened. Yesterday, without any substantive preparation, we found our feet very quickly and simply pulled the trigger. Exposition, sharpness, automatic ISO – everything worked perfectly, gave exactly the results we expected, without the slightest effort. Today we have one conclusion. Photography touched the twenty first century. You can just go to the store, buy a camera and everyone is a photographer. Of course, in this area we have a lot of work ahead of us, we are not going to the Olympics, but we already know that we were unnecessarily worried. Especially in terms of sport, the technique has achieved an amazing level of perfection, is like magic, and the cameras are shocking with their perfection.

We photographed Nikkor 70-200mm f / 2.8G VR II (it was definitely too short, but we took what we have) and M.Zuiko 40-150mm f / 2.8 with the teleconverter x1.4. Below are a few frames, even a boring series, but it shows how awesome these cameras are. The competitors swim about 2 meters in a second and most of the time they are completely submerged, and after the breath they can emerge for a second. We have dozens of such photos (we can choose mines!), All sharp, and no one knows how it is done …

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Translation in progress…

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The end of the world

Daer beloved!

After the publication of the movie, “Digital film”, it turned out that “the world will never be the same again”. This pathos are exaggerated, we are not some influencers. Nothing ended, just something new began!

Please, forgive us that we don’t respond to all comments. This movie was supposed to be informational, first of all it was made to show analog pictures that you haven’t stopped asking about, and also to warn about new colors. It wasn’t our voice in the discussion and we do not want to participate in this discussion, it is disordered and would (...).

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BLACK FRIDAY ! On November 24-26, all movies in our store for half the price, or pre-sale prices! You have asked for this for a long time – now everyone who missed any episode will be able to catch up. We start the campaign in advance, so that no one would feel aggrieved that he paid the full amount the day before. Be sure to set an alarm clock for next weekend! ;)

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