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3 May 2017
13 March 2018

Success in the Sukcesja

From this place, we would like to thank everyone for such a terribly large presence at our lecture “Wedding photography full of stereotypes” ! We hope, Rafael and I, that you liked us as much as we are, and we are delighted! Screening room was filled in 100% and, what is important, 99% or 101%. Exactly 100%, and this is a huge room, bigger than the largest on the market hall! :)

Whoever was not and did not see this regret it, because the situation was extremely unusually. At some point, about 300-person crowd directed their steps towards Film Video Foto 2017, so that at the last minute, just before the main entrance, turn onto a pedestrian crossing and drive to our lecture at the cinema” Helios “in the neighboring CH Sukcesja. And so there was a moment when we enjoyed greater popularity than the entire Fair. I o jak się cieszyliśmy! O tak!

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Translation in progress…

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The end of the world

Daer beloved!

After the publication of the movie, “Digital film”, it turned out that “the world will never be the same again”. This pathos are exaggerated, we are not some influencers. Nothing ended, just something new began!

Please, forgive us that we don’t respond to all comments. This movie was supposed to be informational, first of all it was made to show analog pictures that you haven’t stopped asking about, and also to warn about new colors. It wasn’t our voice in the discussion and we do not want to participate in this discussion, it is disordered and would (...).

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BLACK FRIDAY ! On November 24-26, all movies in our store for half the price, or pre-sale prices! You have asked for this for a long time – now everyone who missed any episode will be able to catch up. We start the campaign in advance, so that no one would feel aggrieved that he paid the full amount the day before. Be sure to set an alarm clock for next weekend! ;)

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