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31 December 2013
30 April 2020
Rafał Krasa

New Years Eve by Miss Ferreira

Miss Ferreira called us five days ago and she wanted us to take some pictures for her New Years Eve blog post. She meant “now!” – we said “yes Madame!” You can read the whole story on her blog (sorry, Polish only) as she is a hundred times better writer than I am, but we are the photographers and this enables us to publish more pictures on this blog – I hope she won’t kill me for doing that :)

There are many heroes that made this session possible and the most important ones are Aneta of Makuplace who achieved impossible, she made Miss Ferreira even more beautiful and RoundFlash that breathe so much fashion into those pictures. We will soon publish a backstage video of this session, which is currently being edited and I say it’s going to be a nice piece of information, so stay tuned :)

Bearing in mind the forthcoming tremendous date change, we wish you all folks an overwhelming amount of positive things to happen in 2014! Stay healthy, stay in love, gain even more cash and do enjoy spending it! :)

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People of Woodstock

We are back from Woodstock! Heart broken as we coundn’t stay as long as we wanted to and we left a day early. We we late the first day actually and spent just a day and a half. Not enough! We come to the Przystanek Woodstock festival just for fun – the first time for a very long time we decided to do something for ourselves only. We wanted to be there, by the stage, right next to the greatest band, but we wanted to take some pictures as well and just see this great festival. And? It was (...).

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