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18 July 2018
23 September 2018

Moving to Vimeo!

Translation in progress…

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“Błysk wyzwolony” (presale)

Szanowni, Moi Drodzy, Kochani!

I’m announcing another fundriser! I do not think I would surprise anyone, yes, it will continue a subject of flash lights and in this episode I will cover flash triggers. Each flash must be somehow triggered, preferably on location, at a proper distance and _always_. Different solutions work in different conditions and I will cover all of them. In a clinical way, still without reference to working with flash light. How it works, when it works, what it can do and what it cannot do. Throughout my first life in a voluntary and efficient triggering system, (...).

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“Źródła błysku”

Translation in progress…

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“Save as…”

Translation in progress…

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