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9 August 2013
10 March 2018

Movie trailer

Well, a few weeks ago in the DR5000, the message “We’re filming” appeared. I threw it in there. And yes, it’s true, we make films, but there is a problem with them that they are in all of these laws, contracts, procedures and, in general, we can not show them yet. I do not know if we can ever show them. But we have this equipment, we can turn it on, so we want to use it, make movies. But what about? About cotton? About cucumbers? No! About photography.

Photography terribly troubled us. For several years of work we have made countless mistakes, we bought many hopeless devices and we would like to protect you from all these mistakes. Tell what to buy and how to use it. The first movie is about image processing. About not processing photos. That we took this picture with the camera, without using a computer.

Will there be more episodes? It all depends on the echo of the first movie. If after the publication of our blog you will see new likes, there will be new subscriptions on jutub, of course – we will feel that we need it and will want to spin. And we have a lot to say. About photographic techniques, about equipment. We are not any photographic gurus at all, but if you like our photos, you will learn from these films how we do them.

The first movie will be much less dazzling than what is happening here. It will be about a rather controversial topic, about the fact that we do not process photos. You’ll want to make yourself credible – I’ll show you how I work on a camera session, with all the rest of the equipment, how I process photos in photos. And at the end of all this, I will be able to download the raw file, NEF from our Nikon, so that everyone can open it and find out that I’m not really dark :)

The film will appear in three days. And what will happen next? We’ll see. The future of this initiative is in your hands.

In case of problems, the movie is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lrwAP-gvkY&hd=1

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