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9 September 2014
30 April 2020
Rafał Krasa

M+M apartment

It was rather ordinary afternoon when we received an email with an offer to do an interior session. At first glance, a glance at the message obviously, it did not sound particularly exciting. That was until we got a few previews – digital renders of the interior designs of the flat. From this moment on, a seemingly ordinary session turned into a challenge for a session like the one with Tokina. Again, we were to challenge renders, which seemed to be slowly becoming our speciality.

Obviously, each “designed” interior is a result of implementing some kind of design, but it’s an incredible experience to step into a flat, which previously existed in files only, as JPEGs. Suddenly, we could enter a digitally created space and we could even touch it. The difficulty of the session lied in the fact that we wanted somehow to refer to the visualizations, so we tried to duplicate the exact compositions and lighting in the real world. It was both easy and difficult at the same time. Difficult, because you can bend physics with a computer and easy, because the owner made the flat with a great attention to detail, and it looked 99% the same as the renderings. All photos in this session were taken with Tokina 16-28 f/2.8.

Behind the realisation of all this is a group of architects, 081 architekci, who create interiors and exteriors. Hands down they are gifted but above all exceptionally nice people. After seventeen series of corrections we should hate them already, but it’s the opposite – we have huge hope that this is the first of many chances to work with them. They have many interesting projects up their sleeve, in fact, in many already production.

There is an interesting personal fact, that probably not even the architects themselves know about. Before starting work with 081, we completed a long intensive course on interior photography. We learned how to set the lights, what lenses and focal lengths to use, and how to create nice looking picture-like photos of interiors. Two weeks later, this question was raised and we found out that what we had learned during the training was quite the opposite to what the architects expected. In the end, we were again driven by improvisation – always effective and reliable, applicable in any field. :)

Photos without our logo are not photos, they’re visualizations.

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