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9 March 2016
10 March 2018

The Lord is coming!

Small update. First of all, due to the huge interest in the upcoming film and sales at a level far beyond our expectations, we have already started working on the “Lord of colors” with great enthusiasm. We wanted to surprise, we wanted it to arise faster than anyone can expect, but with every minute the movie grows by two minutes and so far, the end can not be seen. So we will not make it on April 1, but at the same time prepare for a nuclear bomb! This will be an intense cinema;)

The second piece of information is that we’ve introduced new payment options, including by card – via PayPal. PayPal charges slightly higher commissions, hence this payment is a dozen or so pennies more expensive.

There is no third news. Simply enjoy shopping ! :)

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Translation in progress…

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The end of the world

Daer beloved!

After the publication of the movie, “Digital film”, it turned out that “the world will never be the same again”. This pathos are exaggerated, we are not some influencers. Nothing ended, just something new began!

Please, forgive us that we don’t respond to all comments. This movie was supposed to be informational, first of all it was made to show analog pictures that you haven’t stopped asking about, and also to warn about new colors. It wasn’t our voice in the discussion and we do not want to participate in this discussion, it is disordered and would (...).

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BLACK FRIDAY ! On November 24-26, all movies in our store for half the price, or pre-sale prices! You have asked for this for a long time – now everyone who missed any episode will be able to catch up. We start the campaign in advance, so that no one would feel aggrieved that he paid the full amount the day before. Be sure to set an alarm clock for next weekend! ;)