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5 December 2017
5 March 2018

The end of the world

Daer beloved!

After the publication of the movie, “Digital film”, it turned out that “the world will never be the same again”. This pathos are exaggerated, we are not some influencers. Nothing ended, just something new began!

Please, forgive us that we don’t respond to all comments. This movie was supposed to be informational, first of all it was made to show analog pictures that you haven’t stopped asking about, and also to warn about new colors. It wasn’t our voice in the discussion and we do not want to participate in this discussion, it is disordered and would be deaf on our part. we have closed the comments for “Digital Film” . Where they could stay, they stayed, but you will not be able to add new comments. We had a few months to think, the decision was made, and it’s final.. There is no turning back, we are moving forward and no discussion will affect the course of events in this matter.

What has changed? In all photos except reportages there will be no no changes at all . Technical in reportage nothing has changed, still DR.color3 is a color profile , built on the basis of a basic profile, which in our company is called DR.color1. DR.color3 primarily improves the individual colors remembered, neutralizes the white balance and opens shadows, which until now, like a black hole swallowed a whole lot of details. On the occasion of these changes, we have introduced aggressive optical correction (updated lens profiles) and, perhaps most importantly, removed the nasty vignette.

Thanks to these changes, , the photos have gained freshness, and the colors are more natural – the grass has the color of grass, the sky is sky-colored and the skins are leather. How much? The following video should unravel any doubts (compare previous colors that were published on the blog, with colors after changes) and let this be our last vote in this matter :) Welcome to the new old wedding reportage with Nina and Chaz!

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