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5 December 2014
30 April 2020

Puff pieces

Everyone who follows our Instagram already knows that we were in Vienna with Miss Ferreira and here we are back. This issue is a topic for a separate entry, but when we were on the road, a lot of good happened :)

Our “eye” received 12th place in the “Framing the Subject” category ISPWP autumn competition . Twelve may not sound too proud, but it is again a distinction among the best of the best in wedding photography from around the world. Our frames hang next to photos of those we respect, adore and admire photographers from across the oceans. So we jumping for joy :)

At the same time, a “reprint” of our wedding reportage by Beata and Paweł and for us it is a reason to rejoice even more! First of all, bridelle.pl is the most opinion-forming blog in the wedding industry and the very publication on the pages of this website is a very big distinction. Secondly, this reportage will compete in the plebiscite “The Best of 2014 on Bridelle”, and this is a chance for even greater popularity of this report. And thirdly, we debuted in style. The quote says it all:

I am delighted with the pair and photos of Diana and Rafał. I have been watching their work for a long time and I am very happy that they have appear on Bridelle, because they are incredibly creative photographers, already having a very expressive style. Fantastic attention to detail, beautiful compositions, great sense of the situation and frames. I am delighted with the atmosphere, control and work with the light, as well as reporters, but very aesthetically refined staff. This is one of the most beautiful in terms of color and light reportage that I saw this year! Fantastic photographers whom I hope to often taking in on the blog!

At the moment I do not know what to write, we did not expect this puff piece. We are very happy, we are surprised and we promise that we will work even harder, because all opinions are a fantastic culmination of our results and inspiration. We would like to thank Beata and Paweł once again – you have to know that without you it wouldn’t be us :)

Bridelle – THANK YOU! :)

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