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17 July 2016
30 April 2020

People of Woodstock II

After a day at the wheel, finally, we just came back. Tired, but very happy, because for the second time we visited Przystanek Woodstock. And again, it was just as wonderful an event as last year! With the difference that this time we knew what to expect and absorbed them much more intensively. This time, we were not only observers, but also participants. Maybe not very hardcore, but still. It turned out that many of the woodstock users recognized us and not as DR5000 but as those who paraded the field with a huge umbrella last year. One or two more years, and we deserve our own picture, in our gallery “People of Woodstock” :)

As for the impressions themselves, it’s hard to add anything to what we wrote last year . It is still a gigantic, exceeding all imagination, fairytale party, which is easier to get used to than to wean. Woodstock is like a simulator of some other world, another civilization. Always smiling, friendly, one that does not have to impose a framework, rules and regulations. Woodstock is a place where “police” is a Peace Patrol, and this patrol is a helping hand, not an educator and an enemy of freedom. For us it was a feast for the senses again. In the mud we met Philip Chajzer, and when asked “How was it?” he replied “Awesome!” – which means that he liked it very much. Behind the stage, we had close contact with such stars as Kasia Nosowska, Litza. We photographed two of the most beautiful ladies in the metal scene: Tarja Turunen and Cristina Scabbia. And 5 minutes before the performance, we were in Apocalyptica’s wardrobe and took them for pictures. We still do not believe that everything has really happened. For now, it’s sleepy memories! Beautiful memories! :)
Enough words. We invite you for photos, for the second part of “People of Woodstock”! We also invite you to the first part of the series, i.e. “Woodstock People, 2015” .

And soon, a film from Woodstock ! Yes, we have materials. Yes, it will be wonderful and funny! And mega educational! It will be “Relaxation time” ! ;)

The content provided below is intended solely for adult audiences!

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