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30 May 2017
30 April 2020

“Flash sources” – announcement

We announce the presale of the next film! And even five, because it will be a whole series telling about the light of the former, which we will try once and for all to completely exhaust this gigantic topic. Each film will start with the complete basics, that is, as if the viewer had no idea about the flash, and it would end with very advanced subjects, that is, what is a daily bread for us in our work. Each episode will be from zero to a millionaire. We have used flashlights en masse and for a very long time, since the first professional portrait session we have done in our lives. So we have something to talk about, the more so because over time we have developed our own tricks, solutions and conclusions, and this is the knowledge unavailable nowhere else. The first episode will be titled “Flash sources” and we will talk about lamps. About the devices themselves. About their types, disadvantages, advantages, construction, possibilities. After this film, everyone will understand how the lamp works, and by pressing the button, everyone will know what has happened in the middle of this device and what consequences it has. These real, physical and mathematical ones, not those described in the instruction manual.

The presale will last until the end of June. Welcome to the store: https://sklep.dr5000.com/produkt-MOV0021.html! ;)

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Link to the store:
Wykup subskrypcję filmu na sklep.dr5000.com

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