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30 October 2017
10 March 2018

Everything is new!

Almost. We have a new logo, a new website, but above all, we are (as the saying goes) restructured. But first things first.

It’s been a long time since we’ve come to the conclusion that DR5000 does not actually take pictures anymore. Of course, we still photograph, film, sometimes travel, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of our current work is office work, organization of photos, transportation, scriptwriting, designing, planning. Varsovian would say that we are “creative.” We are calling this “prose of life” and in proportion to this prose, working with the camera, takes only a fraction of working time in general.

It takes a mess of things. Cause nobody knew what was going on, especially us. Even when Diana ordered a huge roll of felt, she did it as “wedding photographer”. There was nowhere to write about it, where to show it and there was no way to explain the seller that “after all I know you from Youtube” has no relation to our Youtube and photography. Well, it was so, that we did not create a place for it. So we had to sort everything out anew. From now on our “visual” identification is to be in line with what we actually are in the real world and we wanted to simplify this identification to the maximum. We are Rafał and Diana, and a few years ago we founded a company – D as Diana, R as Rafał, 5000 as the price.

When we sorted everything inside, we started changing outside, and the first was the logotype.

The logo was supposed to be more industrial, which would allow us to identify us not only as wedding photographers, but as a company that is able to plan, prepare and implement any project in the field of such beautiful sounding creation. Given that we are finally ready for several such projects, it was the perfect moment. We are happy with the logo, because in addition to the fact that it refers to the old logo, it will be much easier to cut out of styrofoam :)

After the logo, time to page. First of all, we sorted it out and made it more logical. Home displays all major categories, and youcan simply scroll down, down, down to find the category you’re looking for, and then just click it. You can not find family photos because they disappeared. We have not been dealing with such photos for over a year, it has become logical that they must have disappeared. The most important category remains “photography”, and in it “wedding photography”, “commercial work” and “personal work”. Finally, “kubeł chronologiczny” appeared and this is another way of browsing our publications – in chronological order. We’ve divided videos into “paid tutorials” and “free tutorials “. Because the paid video is not in paid movies, you do not have it at all, and from now you can not ask for it – just look. Film ads will go to “news”, the videos about photography will go to free movies and such as the history of travel to Santorini or Israel, which does not he will say too much about photography, about lifestyle films. There is also the category “Eupidere” , because Eupidere is also us. From now on, everyone will be able to choose their favorite categories and only follow the departments that interest him.

Additional subpages of the gallery have disappeared completely, all photos are now in the entries. And most importantly, new entries have been created with unique photos. So, it is worth looking for, because there is a new wedding reportage, there is a new engagement session, there are several entries that were created based on the deleted galleries.

The backstage gallery has also disappeared – now we only contact by Instagram.

Of course, the layout of the home page has also changed. Everything can be seen. The new robe refers to the graphic layout of our presentations and who was with us at the lectures, will find a common denominator.

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