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4 November 2015
30 April 2020
Rafał Krasa


If you are Polish, you may have already heard about Eupidere as the news spread accross all the major photography oriented websites in Poland. During shows and workshops we have talked with people a lot recently and you keep asking if Eupidere means we are out of photography now. Do we still take pictures? Yes, we do! Even more than ever! But from now on, we work with Eupidere A LOT!

Being clients to ourselves (Eupidere is our own brand of high quality leather straps) is so much different from what we are used to. No more acting professionals, no more showing off, no more fancy gear and sophisticated techniques. What only matters are the results. And sometimes we do photography in a very neat way, so I decided to share with the world the most time saving ideas of ours.

Those CGI-esthetic photos were taken with just a camera and a single semi-transparent screem. A step beyond and I think I could even get rid of the screem to make it even more basic.

We set up two cameras facing each other at the bottom of a dry acrylic bathtub. The first one was posing, the other one was imaging. The second camera was connected to an iPhone via Wi-Fi, which provided a perfect live preview. The bottom of the tub acted as a tripod, a background and reflected the light comming from above. The top of the bathtub was covered with a semi-transparent screem, that diffused the light comming from a halogen ceiling fixtures shining straight down ;)

Easy? Sure! You don’t actually even need a bathtub, just knock on your neighbour’s door and ask: “Could I take a few pictures in your bathtub?” ;)

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Translation in progress…

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As my startup gear brand Eupidere , we face more and more photographic challenges in shooting thrifty product photos. Recently, I had just minutes to come up with an image that is a) eye catching, and b) Christmas related. There are lots of Christmas decorations around right now and the little guy above, wearing striped pajamas, is one of them. We decided to put him into a winter scenery and wish everyone Merry Christmas.

The idea seemed to be complicated, but in the end it wasn’t. The snow piles in the foreground were made of sheets of white paper (...).

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Translation in progress…

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