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Wioleta and Marcin – wedding documentary

It sometimes happens that a reportage makes itself, and that’s how it was with Julia and Nuno; we really don’t know where we got so much energy from. It also happens sometimes, as in the reportage with Wioleta and Marcin, that everything is going perfectly, until finally we start to wane. This is a slippery slope, as once something does not go right, it gets very difficult to get back on track and work like an inspired reporter. This terrifying feeling, this genuine black hole, fried our brains. This state of affairs could have been caused by a number of factors. Domaniowski Palace is beautiful and, because of this, demanding – if something is not right, this is not the fault of the interior, and this means pressure. Add to this that Wioleta and Marcin looked phenomenal and that pressured is multiplied a million times over – extremely exhausting. To make matters worse, this was our second 20-hour work day in a row and simply put, at one moment we were spent. We took a 20 minute break to reset. Everything returned to normal, we pulled through to the end, strangely in good form, even though, in retrospect, we had nothing to worry about.
A lot of requests come on Facebook for more of these kinds of crises – hopefully not, we’ll have gone grey before the end of September! I promise we’ll try though without this :) We were also asked where did the title image come from? Rafal explains in the comments of the image:

Those are glowing balls that we came across in the park of the palace in which the event took place. We added bokeh using tilt-shifting as without this it was a little “lupny”. Ale of the balls were lying on the grass (which can be seen clearly in the sharp images), while Wioleta and Marcin crouched down to hide themselves behind the largest, yellow ball. We would have used Photoshop, if we hadn’t been so tired.

We were going to say something about the Voigtlander (the few few photos: 5, 7, 9), but this is not the time for a long review of this lens. In the meantime, take a look at the reportage while we go and catch up on some sleep :)

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