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2 December 2017
9 March 2018

Digital film

Translation in progress…

fotografia ślubna warszawa

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On January 10, 2018, Olympus Polska officially presented two new lenses: M.Zuiko 17 mm f/1.2 PRO and M.Zuiko 45 mm f/1.2 PRO.

The presentation combined with the lecture of Arcadius Mauritz and the workshop, took place in the studio Las in Warsaw.

This was the first workshop since 2010 in which we appeared as participants.

fotografia ślubna warszawa, zdjęcia ślubne warszawa, Santorini – workplaceLifestyle videos18 November 2017March 10, 2018DR5000.com


As every year at this time, when it’s not great outside, we publish a warm and pleasant movie. And it will be such a movie. For a moment, we will move to warm and sunny Greece. And although we were not on Santorini for the first time, and even was already a movie, always from such trips we brought films not about pictures, but about everything that happened outside the pictures. It will be a completely different story, because for a change we will only show what our work on the pictures looked like. All photos from this movie (...).

fotografia ślubna warszawa, zdjęcia ślubne warszawa, Give it a “like”!Lifestyle videos7 May 2014November 10, 2017DR5000.com

Give it a “like”!

Translation in progress…